Royal Events 10.1.2019

How do I get my dream job?

How do I get my dream job?   “Thank you for your application, we have unfortunately chosen to move on with another candidate” is not an unusual answer one gets when applying for a job. There is enormously tough competition in the labour market, which can make the career you imagine feeling a distant dream. Sometimes it feels like it is almost impossible. From the moment you’ve been finally called for an interview until you actually sit there opposite someone who can become your future employer, you’ve certainly spent a lot of time preparing for it. You might have searched for what questions can pop up and how to answer them in the best way. And when you’re there, you want to make sure you give as good an impression as possible. After the interview, you may ponder over what was said and tried to evaluate how it went....
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Viikon kevytyrittäjä - soita skotti apuun Graeme 7.5.2018

Graeme followed his heart to Finland & started working as a Light Entrepreneur

Who are you? I have lived my first 46 years at Scotland and moved to Finland following my heart to be with the woman I love. I have been here now for around six months. I am settling in well and slowly getting to grips with the language and the culture. I like to work with my hands and have a wide selection of skills I can use.
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