Cleaners- start your own service easily without your own company! is an umbrella company and invoicing service. Therefore with, you can work as a janitor and invoice easily without having your own company. You will get paid a normal salary to your bank account as if you were an employee. makes it easier to employ oneself. Because of that, we call it “light entrepreneurship”.

There are lots of available jobs for cleaners in Helsinki and other parts of Finland. And it is always easier to get one if you can invoice your cleaning jobs properly. Why not start your own cleaning service and invoice with

You don´t need a business ID!

The service enables you to operate as an entrepreneur without your own business ID. takes care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy on behalf of its users. We pay your taxes, YEL-pensions, and insurances. You work independently and agree on the price and terms with your clients.  In that way working through helps you to concentrate on the job and finding new clients.

How Does it Work?

In practice, using means three simple steps:

  1. You do the cleaning work
  2. The work is invoiced online through
  3. Your client and customer pay the invoice and you’ll get the payment to your own bank account as salary – just like a paycheck!

Finally as s a light entrepreneur you use’s business ID. So, you decide on your own work and pricing of it yourself.  But, we handle all the paperwork and bureaucracy for you against a small fee.

You can read more about how being self-employed gives job opportunities in Finland and about UKKO´s invoice service for freelancers by clicking on the words. Light entrepreneurship is an alternative to owning a business, but you still run it yourself.

Register now because there are free registration and no obligations! And, you can come and go as you wish. As a light-entrepreneur, you have no running costs. So, scroll down and join more than 85 000 other light entrepreneurs at

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Entrepreneur in Finland

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Why use when you are an entrepreneur?

Your life as an entrepreneur will be considerably easier. Because you can focus on the work and clients you want. And UKKO supports you at all times when it comes to paperwork and bureaucracy.

You will save time – your greatest asset as an entrepreneur besides your business idea. 

  • The invoicing online is easy and quick
  • Free registration and no obligations – come and go as you wish
  • There will be no running costs
  • No bureaucracy or paperwork with taxes, YEL- pensions or insurances.
  • And finally, you can choose your own work and set your own prices

UKKO´s customer service is s always ready to help you – do not hesitate to call or send an email!

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No running costs Finnish entrepreneurship

No monthly payment. You only pay for your earnings. Read more about our pricing by clicking here.

Join now. Free and without obligations - always! customer service is there for you!

If you have any questions regarding your invoicing through you can always contact our customer service.

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Perhaps you’re not the only one pondering on the same issue? Check out our FAQ – page for the most frequent questions. In there you can find answers, for example, the following:

If working in Finland is still new to you, go check out our new Freelance Guide for Immigrants. It will give all the basic know-how!

Marjo Ala-Pöntiö, Housekeeper

I work as a light entrepreneur and housekeeper for families.  I clean, do laundry, cook, take care of children and run errands.  Acquaintances wanted to buy my services. So I started as a light entrepreneur because  I wasn’t quite ready to start my own business yet and, invoicing through was an easy and quick way to start working.

Sofia Johansson, Substitute teacher and home work helper

With UKKO I can decide when I have time and want to take an extra job besides my studies. I do not need to be employed by an agency. I set the prices and send a bill online. It is nice that UKKO  takes care of all paperwork with paying the taxes and insurances. I recommend UKKO to everyone that wants to be seen as a professional when earning extra income.