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Freelancing in Finland? Invoice through!

In Finland, there are some mandatory payments and requirements that either you or your client will need to take care of among salary payment. These apply to everyone, no matter where you work or what you work with.

Freelancing in Finland is common and through you can do it without a trade name or business ID. is a Finnish light entrepreneurship service that will take care of all of the bureaucracy of salary payment on your behalf. Basically, you have the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur, while we make sure all the mandatory “grunt work” will get done properly. You can focus on doing what you actually love. Both you and your employer or potential customer will save a great deal of time! It also means that you’ll be easier to employ because you can provide your employer with an invoice instead of a tax card.  How great is that?

  • You do the work
  • The work is invoiced through
  • Your employer/customer pays the invoice and you’ll get the payment to your own bank account as salary – just like a paycheck!

Finally, you can focus on what you love the most – the work itself!

Invoicing through

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Invoicing through


Why use

Using will make your life as freelancer easier, as you will have the support of at all times. We will take care of all the bureaucracy and provide you with experienced customer service.

Both you and your employer will save time – your greatest asset.

With, you work and agree on the price and terms of your work with your employer/customer. After this has been done, you will register to and send an invoice for all the work you’ve done. We will forward the invoice and take care of all the necessary bureaucracy and payments in regards to your salary.

You invoice easily, without your own company. This means you get paid a normal salary and straight to your own bank account.

Pretty great, isn’t it?

Free Registration

  • Registration for our service is completely free, and there are no obligations.

Free Invoicing

  • We do not charge any extra fees for creating invoices. It’s always free.

of Earnings

  • Among salary payment, a service fee of 5 % + VAT will be charged from the invoiced amount, not including value-added tax.
  • Among salary payment also an additional cost of 2,7 % + VAT, social security fee 0,77 % + VAT and a withholding tax according to your own tax card, will be charged.


Alejandro, Photographer

"Being a freelancer is a norm when you’re a photographer. After having a trade name, I discovered And then took the chance to start trying to get photography gigs again. I started growing from there.

Gregory Pellechi, Writer & podcaster

There are at least four government agencies you’ll have to deal with as a freelancer. The most important will be Vero*, the tax agency. Don’t worry, is here to be your middle man. They are ensuring that all of your taxes are paid correctly, so you can work hassle-free.


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Perhaps you’re not the only one pondering on the same issue? Check out our FAQ – page for the most frequent questions. In there you can find answers, for example, the following:

If working in Finland is still new to you, go check out our new Freelance Guide for Immigrants. It will give all the basic know-how!