Wan’t to be entrepreneur or light entrepreneur?

Light entrepreneurship is an easier way to entrepreneurship!
UKKO.fi founded in 2012, is a Finnish light entrepreneurship service which has over 75 000 active users. Invoice your clients without a company of your own. Create an invoice– we will deliver it to your customer and take care of VAT, pension payments, insurances, and social security payments.

  • No paperwork.
  • Work independently and agree to the price and terms with your clients.
  • Do what you love –we take care of the bureaucracy
  • After your client has paid, you’ll get a salary to your bank account.
  • No obligations – you can start today and stop whenever you like.
Karri UKKO invoicing service

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What if entrepreneurship in Finland was easy?

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Light Entrepreneur

Business IDYou must apply for Business ID from PRH and wait for it to be accepted.No business ID needed, you can start right away!
InsurancesAgree to insurances with insurance companies yourself.UKKO.fi takes care of accident and liability insurances
AccountingYou must take care of accounting yourself or make a contract with an accounting company.No paperwork or accounting, we take care of bureaucracy.
InvoicingYou may need invoicing software.Use our simple form to create invoices. Choose delivery by email, mail or  Finvoice.
Fixed costsFixed costs from accounting and insurances even if you don’t have clients.No running costs. You only pay for your earning.
RemindersYou take care of sending reminders and debt collection if your client doesn’t pay.Automatic reminders. We also take care of debt collection if needed.
ObligationsYou need to execute a separate process to close down your business.No obligations– start and stop whenever you like.

Like our users, we appreciate simplicity.
That’s why our pricing is fair, easy and simple.
For everyone.

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Registration for our service is completely free, and free of any obligations.

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Create an Invoice Free of Charge

Creating an invoice is fast and easy!

Once your account has been activated, you may proceed to creating your invoices immediately. Activating an account usually only takes a minute.

of Earnings

Upon payment, only 5 % + VAT is charged of the final amount of the earnings before taxes.

*Net income is also affected by other costs and deductions, such as social security payment 0,77 %, additional costs 2,7 % and withholding tax according to users own tax card.

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