for Photographers – Easy and Effortless! is the perfect service for freelance photographers!

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a layman with a passion, you wanna earn something for the work you’re doing, right?

As an light entrepreneur, you can send a simple invoice for your customer, without starting your own business and getting a business ID of your own.

Weddings, graduations, promotional photos, company parties – there’s always a season for photographer! When the word gets around, people will ask you to come and memorize they’re special moments. In order to accept the offer you should, however, be able to get paid somehow. Starting a company and dealing with all that bureaucracy for just a few gigs, doesn’t make much sense.

Save time and focus on the work itsef!

Four easy steps:

  • Agree on the assignment with your client
  • You do the work
  • The work is invoiced through
  • Your client pays the invoice and you’ll get the payment to your own bank account as salary – just like a paycheck!

Through you can invoice your gigs without the paperwork and without the worry.

We are a Finnish light entrepreneurship service that will take care of all of the necessary payments on your behalf. Basically, you have the opportunity to work as an entrepreneur, without actually starting your own company.

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Join now - free and without obligations. Always. You can start sending invoices right away!

Focus on the Work for photographers

No running costs or monthly fees

Registering is always free through You can start invoicing right away. There are no running costs or monthly fees.

You only pay the service fee when you have income.


More than snapping photos

In addition to actually taking those photos, photographer must also plan the shoots and edit the photos. All this needs to be included, when pricing your service.

Sometimes the days might get long and the locations might change multiple times during just one day. Luckily, through you can also add travel costs to your invoice.

Another important part is of course reaching out in order to get new clients. Portfolio helps with this, and is therefore probably the most important tool for any photographer. Through a good portfolio you can express your style and demonstrate your talents to potential clients.

It all starts from the first gigs, so there should be no obstacles in accepting them. And with service there isn’t.



How Does it Work? is a Finnish light entrepreneur service. We are also the biggest one with our 80 000 active users. Why not join our talented pool of light entrepreneurs!

In practice, using means three simple steps:

  1. Do the work
  2. Invoice
  3. Get salary

Do what you love and leave the bureaucracy to! for photographers

Join now - free and without obligations. Always. You can start sending invoices right away!