Salama Fast Payment – get salary to your bank account fast

Salama is a Fast Payment service with which you can avoid bank delay on salary payment – how great is that?

With Salama you can get your salary around the clock and as fast as within 15 minutes of its payment. Salama also means that you can now get salary to your own bank account even outside the regular banking days. How would you feel about getting salary to your bank account on a saturday or perhaps on New Years eve or other national holidays? The price of Salama is only 15€ per payment!

This is how  Salama works

  1. Login to your own control panel
  2. Click the “Pay salary” button in the “Salaries” tab
  3. Choose the salaries you want to pay yourself
  4. Choose Salama Fast Payment -service to get your salary immediately
  5. Check the salary summary
  6. Move salary to payment