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Side costs 19.9.2017

Salary Side Costs – What Exactly Are They?

Remember all the times you’ve made a contract with new employer and negotiated salary? I bet the employer never mentioned all the costs your salary will produce to him or her. These costs are called employer contributions and although you might be a self-employed light entrepreneur, these costs are something you should probably know about. If you’ve only worked as an employee, you may not be familiar with all the costs that employers take care of upon each salary payment.
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Five Reasons Businesses Aren’t Hiring New Employees

The brooding unemployed often wonder, “Why aren’t companies recruiting?” If you’re unemployed you’re very eager to get to work but there doesn’t seem to be any vacant positions. The reason companies aren’t hiring is not just the high-risks of a bad recruit but the recession. What follows is an exploration of five reasons why companies aren’t hiring new workers.
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