Tax cards

We need your tax card for the salary payment. In case you have not sent your tax card to us we have to withhold 60 % of your salary.

Please send your tax card a few days before you want your salary to be paid. A received tax card is usually updated on the next working day. We will inform you by email once we have received your tax card.

Please note that you send your tax card, not the explanation of income and deductions used to calculate your tax card and tax prepayments!

Send a tax card

Logg in and upload your tax card.


Salary payment without tax card

If you do not send your tax card we have to withhold 60 % of your salary.

Did you know that you can send your tax card to us digitally?

The easiest way to get a revised tax card in use is to order it from Tax Administration’s service  ”MyTax” and upload it to our system from ”Send tax card” page in your own control panel.

This is a translation from Finnish original. In cases of doubt, the original Finnish version prevails.