Who Is the Service for?

What is UKKO.fi?

UKKO.fi is the leading service platform for self-employed and freelance professionals in Finland. Do what you love the most and start light entrepreneurship – we take care of the bureaucracy.

Trough UKKO.fi light entrepreneurship talented professionals combine the best of entrepreneurship and employment. Our company has grown rapidly and today we have over 39 000 active users in Nordic countries.

This is why!

  • Easy invoicing
  • No bureaucracy or paperwork
  • Free registration and no obligations – come and go as you wish
  • Choose your own work and prices
  • No running costs

We have twenty employees in Finland. Get to know us better here!

UKKO.fi - light entrepreneurship

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Sini Juutilainen, Photographer

“I started invoicing my freelance work without basically any previous knowledge of the process, and turned to Ukko based on recommendations. Although I stumbled a bit in the beginning, the UKKO.fi customer service helped me a great deal and in the end the system appeared to be quite simple to use. Also my clients have been happy with the service! I can recommend it.

Santeri K, Graphic designer

“Out of all I have tried, Ukko has been the best so far!”

Do what you love - Start light entrepreneurship!

  • Easy invoicing
  • No need for business ID
  • We take care of all the bureaucracy
  • Only 5 % charge of the final amount of the earnings
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Invoice in 5 minutes

Save your time and invoice easier through UKKO.fi. You only pay for your earnings, no monthly fees or running costs!

Over 39 000 active users

UKKO.fi has already over 39 000 active users who work in various fields. Join them!

Safe domestic service

UKKO.fi is a Finnish service. We have been awarded the right to use the Key Flag Symbol.

How does it work?

Simple steps!

  • Agree the terms of work with your client
  • Do the work
  • Create an invoice
  • Customer pays
  • You get salary

UKKO.fi takes care of all the bureaucracy for you: VAT, pension payments, statutory insurances, social security payments.


Interested in our service, but not ready to register just yet? Our customer service personnel is always ready to help you – do not hesitate to call or send an email!

Light entrepreneurship is for you if...

You work as a freelancer

  • UKKO.fi is a good solution if you work as a freelancer and wish to bill your clients without the burden of your own business and the additional paperwork it brings.

Wish to try entrepreneurship before starting your own business

  • The UKKO.fi service is good for having a go at entrepreneurship before setting up your own business. UKKO.fi gives you a chance to try entrepreneurship without the need to get acquainted with the legislation, taxation and accounting associated with your own business.

You are a student or have a secondary occupation

  • The UKKO.fi service is a convenient way to charge for work done outside your primary occupation. It enables you to operate like an entrepreneur without your own business. The service is also helpful for charging for work done alongside your studies.

You are an occasional worker and setting up your own business is not beneficial

  • If you do occasional work that requires billing and you charge small sums at a time, establishing your own business may not be profitable.The UKKO.fi service is perfect for you if you wish to bill for occasional or hobby based work with ease. The UKKO.fi service is useful, for example, for musicians or for charging for cleaning services.

Who Is the Service for?

Apart from certain professions requiring a licence, we accept all professions and fields of work.

However, we do require our users to be professional and responsible employees. Our wish is for the users’ clients to receive the services they have agreed upon.