Hey, Young Finnish Design is your client!

Here you will find information on how the payment for your work is handled with the help of UKKO.fi.

However, you need to take care of the following things:

Steps for you!

  1. Sign up for the service & do a strong authentication – you’ll do it in minutes.
  2. Update contact and payment information – Please select “when invoice payment.
  3. We retrieve your withholding information automatically – We automatically receive your tax information from the Tax Administration, so you don’t need to submit your tax card to us.
  4. Create a work note– this way your insurance will be in order during the gig. Read more about the insurances we offer.
  5. Do the work – as you have agreed with the client.
  6. Create an invoice – easy and fast with UKKO.fi’s invoice form.
  7. Get paid! – Our salary calculator shows how much you get.


UKKO Light Entrepreneurship’s customer service will be happy to help you with all matters related to the service:

09 6980 934 (Mon-Fri 8 am –18 pm)

UKKO.fi Light Entrepreneurship service

UKKO.fi takes care of taxes and other salary-related expenses. In other words, you don’t have to think about them yourself. UKKO.fi does not disclose your information to third parties – you only commit to receiving your salary through us.


You must take out YEL insurance when your entrepreneurial activity lasts for at least 4 consecutive months and when your average earnings are at least EUR 671.96 per month. On an annual basis (12 months from the start date), this means approximately EUR 8,063.57 per year (2021).

You can read more about YEL insurance here, for example.

UKKO.fi customer service is always ready to help you!

You can always contact our customer service with your questions.

Email: asiakaspalvelu@ukko.fi
Phone: 09 6980 934 (Mon-Fri 8 am –18 pm)

Maybe you are not the only one thinking about the same thing? Please take a look at our frequently asked questions. Here you will find answers to the following questions, for example:

What is UKKO.fi?

Today, UKKO.fi works to help all independent entrepreneurs.. Our Light Entrepreneurship service has helped more than 100,000 light entrepreneurs get started on their path to entrepreneurship. In addition to being Finland’s most popular light entrepreneurship service, our Private Trader service is useful whenever you need to establish a company with a business ID and need help with its financial administration. Our online Entrepreneurship school guides you on your path to entrepreneurship by compiling the easiest and most professional content on everything related to entrepreneurship, and by making it available to everyone.

UKKO.fi acts as an entrepreneur mentor and sparring aid, whether you’re just exploring or starting a lifelong trip to the world of entrepreneurship. We make entrepreneurship extremely easy and simple. We know that business is always good for you.

UKKO Light Entrepreneurship

Light Entrepreneurship is a new way to do what you love and get paid for it. Do the work and invoice it as a private person without your own business ID or private trader company. As a light entrepreneur, you don’t need to worry about paperwork or bureaucracy – we’ll take care of it for you

Light entrepreneurship is the right choice when

  • You do not need your own company or business ID
  • You want to test your business idea safely
  • You have a gig and you want to receive the money quickly
  • You work part-time or do gigs
  • You don’t want to think about withholding taxes, VAT, or other reports

UKKO Private Trader

If you need a business ID or accounting services because of your job description, then UKKOPro is the right solution for you. A fully browser-based service takes care of the business needs of a private trader, and if necessary, our customer service and accountant will help you.

Becoming a private trader is the right choice when

  • You need your own business ID for your operations
  • You want to be a real entrepreneur
  • You have a lot of purchases for which you want to deduct VAT
  • You want to apply for a start-up grant to start your business
  • Your business is significant in size