Light entrepreneurship is here for you to stay!

Light entrepreneurship is a new way to do what you love, invoice and get paid!

With light entrepreneurship, you don’t have to worry about paperwork or bureaucracy like you have to with your own registered company. is an umbrella company and invoice service for freelancers and professionals. We help you to operate as an entrepreneur without your own business ID.  So, we take care of the hassle with invoicing and all the paperwork that comes with being an entrepreneur and business owner. And we take care of the insurances and pensions on your behalf too. We call it light entrepreneurship because you are getting paid a normal salary to your bank account just like an employee. But you choose for whom and when you work, just as an entrepreneur. Finally, the best part is that you do not need to think about the paperwork and bureaucracy that comes with it. Since takes care of the paperwork, it is easier to employ yourself and run your own business.

Light entrepreneurship let you focus on your main skills!

Invoicing your jobs through helps you to concentrate on getting customers, marketing and doing what you love. So, whatever your core skills are, Light Entrepreneurship lets you combine the best parts of both being an employee and an entrepreneur!

The advantages are many:

  • Easy invoicing
  • No need for business ID
  • No bureaucracy or paperwork
  • Free registration and no obligations – come and go as you wish
  • No running costs
  • Choose your own work and prices

It lets you combine the best of entrepreneurship and employment!

Trough invoice service for freelancers, all talented professionals can combine the best of entrepreneurship and employment. Firstly because you have the freedom to choose your own jobs as an entrepreneur. Secondly, because you get the money to your account as an employee. Thirdly because of the fact that UKKO. fi takes care of all the bureaucracy and paperwork for you.  So, check out successful light entrepreneur ideas by clicking here on the word business idea!

Self-employment on the rise in Finland!

Furthermore, from a taxation point of view, light-entrepreneurs are regarded as wage-earners.  And therefore not obligated to keep accounting records or pay prepayment of their income. We take care of this paperwork as well. already has more than 85 000 registered users from an increasing variety of occupations, so scroll down and join us today. To be self-employed is on the rise in Finland and Light entrepreneurship is a great way to run your own business without a business ID. You focus on getting clients and your own business idea and we take care of the paperwork for you against a small fee.

Work that you complete through an invoice service must be tasks that you are doing based on assignments. So, unfortunately, the work you are doing through employment conditions cannot be invoiced through an invoicing service. cartoon pointing to the text about Light Entrepreneurship

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Who is the service for?

Are you a student?  Do you have a secondary occupation? Are you an occasional worker or wish you to try entrepreneurship before starting your own business?

The service is a convenient way to charge for work done besides your primary occupation. The service is also helpful for charging for work done while you are studying.

The service is good for having a go at entrepreneurship before setting up your own business. gives you a chance to try entrepreneurship without the need to get acquainted with the legislation, taxation, accounting and insurance payments associated with your own business.

If you do occasional work that requires billing and you charge small sums every time, establishing your own business may not be profitable. The service is perfect for you if you wish to bill for occasional or hobby-based work easily.

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Experience with

Aila Aaltonen, IT-manager

In Finland, there is a lack of IT-managers so as a retiree I was asked to work part-time. is a perfect way to take on jobs when I want, and invoice them online. Light entrepreneurship is ideal for me!

Madeleine Humaloja, Make-up artist & stylist

I started invoicing extra jobs with UKKO since I wanted to avoid the bureaucracy with starting my own company. With UKKO I could quickly and easy invoice online both my make-up jobs and summer jobs. UKKO customer service helps even sending invoices abroad. I recommend UKKO to all my friends that do extra gigs.

Gregory Pellechi, Writer & podcaster

There are at least four government agencies you’ll have to deal with as a freelancer. The most important will be Vero*, the tax agency. Don’t worry, is here to be your middle man. They are ensuring that all of your taxes are paid correctly, so you can work hassle-free.

Marjo Ala-Pöntiö, Housekeeper

I work as a light entrepreneur and housekeeper for families.  I clean, do laundry, cook, take care of children and run errands.  Acquaintances wanted to buy my services. So I started as a light entrepreneur because  I wasn’t quite ready to start my own business yet and, invoicing through was an easy and quick way to start working.

Mats Melen, Sales Manager

I am invoicing my work at  Thanks to UKKO I am ready to take on new interesting projects. And work as a light entrepreneur. makes it easier to spend more time home with my family.

Pirre Pihl, Event producer

I was not ready to open my own business. But then I heard through a friend, that Light entrepreneurship at could be something for me. And it was! I am excited to take on new challenges and invoice with

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