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UKKO Entrepreneur – The easiest tool for managing day-to-day operations

UKKO Entrepreneur will make your entrepreneurial path easier. It’s a reliable tool that carries with you as a private trader or limited company entrepreneur, where you can find everything you need regarding to your bookkeeping or invoicing.

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Why UKKO Entrepreneur is better than a bookkeeper?

A fixed cost, you know what you pay for

UKKO Entrepreneur’s monthly fee includes everything you need to manage your company’s finances. No surprising extra costs!

Tax returns are included in the service

Regardless of the service fee, the service includes all features, from unlimited invoicing to VAT and tax returns.

A service designed for the needs of an entrepreneur

In the UKKO Entrepreneur service, you don’t pay for nothing. The service is designed perfectly for the needs of an entrepreneur – as a simple and easy tool for you.

Fixed price, no surprise costs

UKKO Entrepreneur for private trader


With the UKKO Entrepreneur service, you get all the tools of an entrepreneur at an affordable price! No per-piece fees or other surprises.

The affordable monthly price includes accounting for a private trader, invoicing, official notifications and other smart features that make invoicing, adding vouchers and monitoring your finances easier.

The price list for the service
From 22 € / month
+ vat 24 %
Monthly fee after the trial period
Start now as a private trader

UKKO Entrepreneur for a limited company


We want our pricing to support small entrepreneurs starting out. As a new entrepreneur, you can use our service for free for up to six months. You don’t have to pay anything unless you invoice your customers or generate revenue during that period.

Our affordable monthly price includes the limited company’s accounting, invoicing, authority notifications, financial statements, payroll of the entrepreneur’s salary and other handy features that facilitate invoicing, adding receipts and monitoring your finances.

The price list for the service
120 € / month
+ vat 24 %
Monthly fee after the trial period
Start now as a limited company entrepreneur

UKKO Assurance – so that no entrepreneur is left relying on their own luck

UKKO Assurance is a comprehensive insurance for entrepreneurs. It helps in many situations, such as agreeing on valid assignments or accidents or damages that occur at work.

As a responsible operator, we want to ensure that we provide our users with the best conditions to operate as an entrepreneur within the framework of laws and regulations, safely and of course reliably.

You get all the features you need

Easy to start a business

The accounting style required by the business form

Tax returns are included in the price

Unlimited invoicing – by e-mail, post, or online invoices

Electronic deposit and storage of receipts

Income statement and financial statements of the limited company

Getting to know the service is free

VAT relief is automatically applied for

Real-time analytics about your company’s situation

Free customer service

Customer and product register in the service

With a limited company, you can pay the entrepreneur’s salary, under the private trader private income


93%* of our customers have been satisfied with our customer service

Our competent customer service and financial administration are always at your side, both online, on the phone, and via e-mail. We make sure that your entrepreneurship doesn’t stop at the wheel of bureaucracy.

Do the same as thousands of other entrepreneurs: Transfer your bookkeeping to us and enjoy the true freedom of an entrepreneur. Focus on your own work and grow your business. That is our common goal.

* UKKO.fi’s user satisfaction measurement, where all customer service contacts were measured