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Accounting and invoicing of a limited company easily and affordably

UKKO Entrepreneur is a financial management solution, where a limited company’s accounting, invoicing, financial statement and everything necessary is managed through one service.

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UKKO Assurance – so that no limited company entrepreneur is left to their own luck


UKKO Assurance is a comprehensive insurance for entrepreneurs. It helps in many situations, such as agreeing on valid assignments or accidents or damages that occur at work.

  • Insurances: accident insurance and liability insurance
  • Agreement template library
  • Powers of attorney’s and documents
  • Sales school and marketing school
  • Other benefits, e.g., car rental companies and offices

UKKO Assurance is available to all registered users. UKKO Assurance is activated from the UKKO Assurance tab within the service.

What does the UKKO Entrepreneur service include?

Establish a limited company easily

Double entry accounting

The tax return is included in the price

Unlimited invoicing – by e-mail, post or online invoices

Electronic deposit and storage of receipts

The financial statement is included in the price

Income statement and balance sheet

Application for VAT relief

Real-time analytics about your company’s situation

Free customer service

Customer and product register

Entrepreneur’s payroll and travel costs

You know what you are paying for and what is included in the price – no surprise costs

Our affordable monthly price includes the limited company’s accounting, invoicing, authority notifications, financial statements, payroll of the entrepreneur’s salary and other handy features that facilitate invoicing, adding receipts and monitoring your finances.

Starting entrepreneur: you only pay for the service when you send the first invoice

We want our pricing to support small entrepreneurs starting out. As a new entrepreneur, you can use our service for free for up to six months. You don’t have to pay anything unless you invoice your customers or generate revenue during that period. We want to encourage entrepreneurs and have therefore made the initial steps as easy as possible for entrepreneurs.

If you establish a new limited company, you will only have to pay an official fee at the time of establishment; it is 240 € for an electronic establishment and 380 € for a paper form. You can deduct the payment as a business expense immediately after establishment.

This is how easy it is to establish a limited company in UKKO Entrepreneur service:


Fill in the new company’s information during registration

Come up with a name for your company, decide on the industry and fill in the basic information, and the necessary documents will be created automatically.

Sign the foundation papers, you will receive a business ID in a couple of weeks

We send the incorporation papers to the e-mail of all shareholders for signature.

Connect your business account and you can start invoicing!

Open a business account in your own bank and connect it to the service, and you’re ready to start! Opening a business account often requires trade registration, which may take 2-3 months depending on the case. Check the requirements for opening a business account at your bank.

Focus on your business – don’t worry about financial management

We offer you a hassle-free and fast way to create and send invoices in the same service. You receive all your invoices conveniently in one place, so all you need to do is add your receipts to the service easily as images. Your accounting takes care of itself while our experts and accounting professionals ensure its accuracy. This is how easy corporate financial management should be!

Our service leverages modern technologies such as machine learning and automation, but ultimately, our experts ensure that your accounting is in order. You can also get assistance from us on accounting and financial management matters – our experts provide guidance completely free of charge.

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