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What Is Light Entrepreneurship?

Light entrepreneurship is a new way to do what you love - and get paid for it. As a light entrepreneur you don't have to worry about paperwork or bureaucracy like you would with a trade name or a company of your own. As an umbrella company we take care of that. Watch the video and see how you can start!


Gregory Pellechi, writer & podcaster

There are at least four government agencies you’ll have to deal with as a freelancer, the most important will be Vero*, the tax agency. Don’t worry, is here to be your middle man, ensuring all of your taxes are paid correctly so you can work hassle-free.

Alejandro, Photographer

"Being a freelancer is a norm when you’re a photographer. After having a trade name, I discovered and then took the chance to start trying to get photography gigs again – and started growing from there."

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