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“I used to have my own company, but I started to use so that I wouldn’t have to handle the company’s taxes, accounting or other time consuming paperwork myself, since UKKO handles all that for me.”

Jarmo Mäkinen, Actor

“UKKO Toiminimiyrittäjyys on minulle tärkeä väline paitsi laskutuksen ja kirjanpidon hoitamiseen, myös töiden suunnitteluun ja asiakashallintaan. Seuraan sivuston kautta myyntiä eri asiakkaille ja tilastojen pohjalta saatan vaikka ideoida uusia juttuaiheita asiakkaille, joille en ole vähään…”

Anna Gustafsson, Toimittaja

How can a household purchase labor?

Households might often need to hire a professional for something like renovation, cleaning or yard work when there is not enough time or expertise.  There are two ways to do this: you can either hire…

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5+6 tools for a light entrepreneur – are you using these?

Light entrepreneurship! An old friend to many, a new face for others. What does a light entrepreneur need to get started? The answer is simple: you only need a tax card, a social security number…

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Pricing is not magic, but it is not easy either

Pricing your work is a perennial problem for self-employed people and freelancers. Pricing is not easy, but there are many ways to make it easier. The same principles apply in many different fields, and they…

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What is a tax card?

Did you know that the tax card changed at the beginning of 2019? There is now only one tax card, and the card and its income ceiling are applicable to all wage income. The change…

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