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UKKO Private Trader

Supporting small businesses from establishing a private trader company to the routines of financial administration.

Be a real entrepreneur today!

Focus on what you do best. Leave private trader bookkeeping to us.

Bookkeeping, invoicing and receipt storage at a fixed monthly price.

Everything you need for running a business, starting with a free business ID.

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Join the ranks of thousands of small entrepreneurs!

Let us make your entrepreneurship easier. With the help of the UKKO Private Trader service, your financial management is digital, you save your time and you always see the real-time financial situation of your company.

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Could I be a private trader? How do I get started?
See answers to frequently asked questions. If for some reason your question is not answered, please contact our customer service!

Frequently asked questions

  • Private trader bookkeeping

    UKKO Private Trader handles sole trader bookkeeping quickly and securely.

  • Send invoices

    You can send invoices from the service directly as e-invoices, by mail, or by email.

  • Take a picture of the receipts

    No more missing receipts. Take a photo of the receipts on your mobile phone and add them to the service.

  • Receive invoices

    Receive purchase invoices directly to UKKO Private Trader. By email, post or e-invoice.

  • VAT and tax returns

    We prepare VAT and tax returns for you and also send them to the tax authorities.

  • Customer and product register

    To make invoicing faster, save your customers and products in the product and customer register.

Be a real entrepreneur today!

Focus on what you do best. Leave private trader bookkeeping to us.

Focus on business. We take care of the paperwork and bookkeeping.

Create and send invoices with a single service easily and quickly. You will also receive all invoices in one place, so you only need to add receipts to the service. Our experts and accounting professionals make sure everything is handled correctly. Private trader bookkeeping has never been this easy.

We use modern techniques such as machine learning and automation, but ultimately a person ensures that your bookkeeping is being handled as it should be. Help is available at any time from our professional experts in bookkeeping and financial management. Advice is also always completely free.


Stress-free VAT and tax returns

You don’t have to worry about VAT and tax returns, as we deliver them to the tax authorities on your behalf. You do not need to be an accounting expert to use UKKO Private Trader, as our service has been developed specifically with our users in mind. With our service, you get a clear idea of your business income, expenses and business development that you can track regardless of time and place.

The less time you spend on bookkeeping and paperwork, the more you will be able to focus on growing your business.

1. Send invoices2. Save the documents3. We take care of the bookkeeping and paperwork.

Bookkeeping is so easy with UKKO Private Trader!
Be a real entrepreneur today!Start today!

Simple, transparent pricing

Registration for the UKKO Private Trader service is completely free. We will also set up a business ID for you free of charge if you are a brand new entrepreneur. If you already have a Business ID, you can register directly using it.


In either case, you get to try the service for the first 30 days for free, no matter how high your turnover is. After 30 days, the use of the service will continue with the service fee according to the valid price list. However, as a new entrepreneur, use of the service is free even after the trial period until you receive your first payment from your customer or have used the service for six months. 


Our pricing is based on accumulated turnover. Accumulated turnover refers to the amount you have invoiced throughout your business. When your business is small, you pay a lower monthly fee and the price increases step by step towards a maximum price of 88 € + VAT / month.

  • Free business ID

  • Single-entry bookkeeping

  • VAT and tax returns for you

  • Unlimited invoicing – also e-invoicing

  • Electronic deposit of receipts

  • Private trader’s income statement

  • Zettle sales reports directly to our service

  • Requesting for VAT relief for you

  • Real-time analytics of your business situation

  • Free customer service

  • Customer and product register

  • Logbook


Private trader entrepreneurship with UKKO – an easy and uncomplicated way to start entrepreneurship with your own skills!

UKKO Private Trader is the UKKO Group’s private trader -based bookkeeping and invoicing financial service. Through the service, you can become a private trader entrepreneur and at the same time outsource time-consuming financial matters to us, such as bookkeeping. Every one of our private trader entrepreneurs gets help and support in handling financial matters.

  • As a private trader entrepreneur, you earn more than as a light entrepreneur, as you will not be charged a service fee for the amount you bill and you will be able to benefit from the VAT relief and the entrepreneur reduction.
  • Ease of bookkeeping and invoicing. You can begin billing once your Business ID has arrived and the prepayment and VAT records we’ve applied for have been processed. If you already have an existing business ID, you can use the service immediately.
  • Don’t worry about VAT and tax returns anymore, we’ll take care of them for you. Through us, you can also get YEL insurance for yourself.
  • You don’t have to do business alone. We are here to help you grow your business and whenever you have questions about finances or our service.

Who will benefit from UKKO Private Trader?

If you want to earn more as an entrepreneur, then setting up a private trader is a sensible option. Currently, more than one hundred thousand other Finnish entrepreneurs work as private traders. Typical private trader entrepreneurs include hairdressers, graphic designers, consultants, construction professionals, masseurs and taxi drivers. You can be either a full-time or a part-time private trader entrepreneur.

UKKO Private Trader is suitable for you in the following cases, for example:

  • you are frustrated to spend time setting up all sort of papers and vouchers and you dream about the modern way of doing bookkeeping and billing.
  • you want to focus on the work you love.
  • you are considering starting your own business or want to test your business idea.
  • you want to be an entrepreneur, but managing finances is boring.
  • you are unemployed and want to employ yourself as an entrepreneur.
  • you dream of entrepreneurship, but you are horrified by Y3 forms and other paperwork.

As a private trader, you earn more – become an entrepreneur lightly!

Through UKKO Private Trader, you will receive a business ID and after registering for the service, you can immediately send your first invoices to customers.

As a private trader, you don’t have to worry about bookkeeping or other paperwork, as we will do them for you. This frees up your time for more productive activities, such as finding new customers and developing your business further. With our service, you can easily send invoices to your customers and save your customers and products in an easy-to-use register.

How come private trader earns more?

  • You have the right for tax deductions and you can deduct all expenses related to your business, such as a work machine or telephone.
  • You can benefit from the VAT relief.
  • You are entitled to an entrepreneur deduction which is 5% of your income.
  • You do not have to pay employer fees for your billing and you will not be charged a service fee for billing.

Join for free at UKKO Private Trader!

Registration for our service is free and it does not commit you for anything.

If you still are unsure of something, feel free to contact our customer service.

Our customer service will help you on weekdays at 9-16 by phone from the number 09 427 208 61 and by email asiakaspalvelu@ukkopro.fi.

Private Trader entrepreneurship can also be easy

Bookkeeping, invoicing and receipt storage at a fixed monthly price. We set up a business name for free and offer accounting at a fair price
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