Everything for Private Trader at affordable price.


Price for private trader bookkeeping

A fixed price that includes everything necessary for a sole trader’s financial management.

Manage your bookkeeping and invoicing as easily as possible.


Fair monthly price without surprises

We want our pricing to be as clear and transparent as possible. That’s why you only pay a low, fixed monthly price based on your cumulative turnover.

Our service automatically calculates the monthly price for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Additional price list

  • Other hourly work from 75€ / month
  • Arrears accounting 50 € / month
  • Account correction 30€ / time

The pricing of the UKKO Private Trader service will be updated on October 1, 2021

The UKKO service is constantly being developed and especially in 2021 we have taken big leaps forward. That is why we are now updating our price list to reflect our constantly evolving service. Read more about the new pricing.


Monthly price for a new private trader until 30.9.2021

The monthly price is determined by the total turnover. For example, you set up a business as a private trader through UKKO Private Trader and invoice 320 € a month. Your monthly payment will then be:

  • turnover after 1 month 320 €, you pay 0 € monthly fee
  • turnover after 2 months 640 € (320 + 320), you pay 0 € monthly fee
  • turnover after 3 months 960 € (640 + 320), you pay 0 € monthly fee
  • turnover after 4 months 1280 € (960 + 320), you pay 10 € + VAT monthly fee
  • When the turnover reaches 3,000 €, the monthly fee is 20 € + VAT
  • When the turnover reaches 6,000 €, the monthly fee is 40 € + VAT
  • When the turnover reaches 10,000 €, the monthly fee is 60 € + VAT

In this example, a person would begin to pay the full monthly fee of 60 € + VAT in just over 2.5 years.


Read more about the new pricing.

  • Free business ID

  • Single-entry bookkeeping

  • VAT and tax returns for you

  • Unlimited invoicing – also e-invoicing

  • Electronic deposit of receipts

  • Private trader’s income statement

  • Zettle sales reports directly to our service

  • Requesting for VAT relief for you

  • Real-time analytics of your business situation

  • Free customer service

  • Customer and product register

  • Logbook

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