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Earn more than 3000 € extra with VAT relief for small businesses, entrepreneur deduction and other tax deductions.

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Get your money super fast – Advance Payment free of charge! 🤑

We now pay Wolt and Foodora earnings in advance at no extra cost for Couriers with their own business ID!

This means we’ll transfer the money to you as soon as we create the group invoice, and you can withdraw it at the latest by the 5th day after the end of the payment period.

Elsewhere, a similar service can cost up to 5% extra, but from us, you can now get it completely free of charge!

We offer Advance Payment for free to all couriers with business ID and whose fees are invoiced on the group invoice.

Why choose UKKO.fi?

  • Keep your money safe

    We are most trusted invoicing service in Finland with over 170 000 happy customers

  • We handle all tax-related matters

    No tax related sanctions afterwards

  • New official invoicing partner of Wolt and Foodora

    Automated invoicing towards Wolt and Foodora

  • Get your business ID even in one day

    Register in just a few minutes and obtain your business ID, even in just one day!

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Password should be 8-36 characters long and contain at least one lowercase (a-z), uppercase letter (A-Z), and digit (0-9).

Please check your email address. If you already have an account, you can log in or reset your password.

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Why we recommend business ID for Couriers?

With a Business ID, you can earn thousands of euros more than without one. Below is an example that shows you how much a Courier could earn in a year with or without a Business ID.

Business ID calculation

*In this example, the courier has invoiced 15 000 € for their work in a year and driven 10 000 kilometers using their own car. Less than 50% of all kilometers driven with the car are related to business activities, so the courier is entitled to kilometer reimbursement. The amount of money they get back for driving is calculated based on the 2024 tax rules, which allow deductions without a Business ID (€0.28/km – with a deduction of €750) and with a Business ID (€0.57/km). The YEL (Finnish self-employed pension insurance) contribution amount considers a 22% discount for new entrepreneurs.

Unlock all the benefits with your own business ID

Laskujen rajaton lähetys

Unlimited invoice sending

ALV-alarajahuojennuksen hakeminen automaattisesti

Automatic application for VAT relief

Tarvittavat vakuutukset

Necessary insurances

Lakisääteiset maksut ja ilmoitukset

We file and pay your taxes

Vuosittaisen veroilmoituksen tekeminen

Yearly tax return

Arvonlisäverojen pidättäminen ja tilittäminen puolestasi

Withholding and remitting value-added taxes on your behalf

Voit vähentää liiketoiminnan kuluja verotuksessa

You can deduct your business expenses in your taxation

Asiakaspalvelumme auttaa tarvittaessa

Our customer service is ready to help when needed: 03 0634 5310

UKKO Light Entrepreneur with business ID

Boost your income with your own business ID!

  • Earn more than 3 000 € extra* compared to couriers without their own business ID
  • Pay less taxes: deduct kilometers, vehicle expenses and other expenses like phone costs
  • Take advantage of VAT relief and entrepreneur deduction for small businesses
  • Experience hassle-free taxation – we handle it all for you
  • Focus on running your business, while we navigate the bureaucracy!
  • Service fee only  3,79 % for couriers, including Advance Payment and insurances.

UKKO Entrepreneur

Are you a full time courier and earn more than 3 000 € per month? Ready to take more responsibility for running your business? Consider our monthly subscription for 79 € + vat 24 %!

  • Earn more than 3 000 € extra* compared to couriers without their own business ID
  • Pay less taxes: deduct kilometers, vehicle expenses and other expenses like phone costs
  • Take advantage of VAT relief and entrepreneur deduction for small businesses
  • Pay your taxes from your own business account
  • Only 79 € per month, including Advance Payment and insurances

If you want to start with a monthly subscription, leave a contact request.


UKKO Light Entrepreneurship without a business ID

Not ready for your own business? Sure, you can start also without a business ID.

Without a business ID, you won’t qualify for VAT relief or the entrepreneur deduction for small businesses.

Entrepreneurship without a business ID

  • Service fee only  3,79% for Couriers, including insurances
  • Easiest and simplest way to get money in your account
  • Focus on running your business, while we navigate the bureaucracy!

Why UKKO.fi?

  • The most reliable and easiest invoicing and accounting service
  • Over 170 000 light entrepreneurs and small business owners use the service
  • Takes care of the entrepreneur’s financial management in all stages of the business journey

Check out below our video series on getting started with the service!


We’ve made it easy for you! You can find everything you need to know about
getting started with the UKKO.fi service and entrepreneurship in these videos.



What is a business ID?

A business ID is a personal identification number for a company. Why is obtaining a business ID worthwhile?

  • Pay fewer taxes, get more money
  • More possibilities in business
  • As an UKKO user, you receive a business ID immediately upon registration
  • Obtaining a business ID in Finland requires a valid residence permit

Taxation in Finland for an entrepreneur

  • Income Tax
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT)
  • Car and Travel Expenses
  • An annual business tax return; as our customer, we’ll handle this for you!

Responsibilities and freedoms for entrepreneurs

  • Freedoms: you decide the content, quantity and pricing of your work, choose your customers and holiday seasons
  • Responsibilities: reporting and paying your business taxes on time, carrying the financial risks of your business and managing them through insurance; keeping a close eye on your business’s income and expenses
  • UKKO.fi is the best solution for you – we’ll handle your responsibilities!

What is UKKO Light Entrepreneur?

  • Electronic service where you can invoice your clients easily
  • When registering, you can create a business ID if you want to
  • With a business ID, you can take advantage of the tax benefits of being an entrepreneur, and UKKO also takes care of your accounting
  • In this video, we’ll show you how to register into the service!

Creating an invoice and withdrawing salary

Creating an invoice in our service is quick and easy! In this video, we’ll show you how to create one and how you can withdraw your salary.


  • You can deduct all expenses that promote your business in taxation; for example, kilometer allowances, office supplies, ITC programs and licenses, small purchases up to 1200 €, marketing expenses, office expenses and YEL and pension costs and pension payments
  • Add your expenses in the service, we’ll mark them in your accounting!
  • We’ll report some of your expenses on your tax return at the turn of the year

UKKO Assurance

  • Protects you and your business
  • UKKO Assurance includes: accident insurance, liability insurance, contract templates and courses and training materials

Entrepreneur’s pension insurance (YEL)

  • Entrepreneur’s pension and social security’s foundation
  • YEL payments, and the level of pension and social security are based on your YEL income
  • As a starting entrepreneur, you can get a discount on YEL insurance payments
  • As a Light Entrepreneur, you are required to take the insurance if certain conditions are fulfilled
  • Don’t have the YEL insurance yet? You can submit an application from your own UKKO account!
  • Note: The video displays the minimum limits for YEL income in 2023. In 2024, the corresponding limit is €9,010.28 per year and €750 per month.

Is there something on your mind?

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We’re here to help you – book a meeting

If you have any questions, book a meeting with our specialist and we will help you get started.

FAQ for Courier Partners

Which UKKO Service is the right one for me?

You can use any of our three different services:

  1. For courier partners we recommend UKKO Light Entrepreneurship with your own business ID: You will have all the benefits from your own business ID, but the service is set up to support you as much as possible and make things easy for you to use. There are no monthly or hidden fees, the service fee is just 3,79 % of total invoiced amount (excluding VAT).
  2. UKKO Light Entrepreneurship without your own business ID: This is the traditional way of working previously as a delivery partner. Service fee is 3,79 %, there are no monthly or hidden costs. Not being able to get travel costs reimbursed with no business ID, means you will get less money in your bank account by using the service without your own business ID.
  3. UKKO Entrepreneur: You have your own business and will pay us a fixed monthly fee of 79 € per month. If you are working as a delivery partner full time, you invoice more than 3000 € per month and you are willing to take a bit more responsibility with your own business and money, this might be the suitable service for you!

How do I start using UKKO Light Entrepreneurship service with your own business ID?

Open the https://kevytyritys.ukko.fi/en/registration website.

  1. Fill in your Email and choose a password.
  2. Agree to the terms of service.
  3. Then Select "Create an account, getting started is free".
  4. The system logs you in.
  5. Create a business ID by filling in the Onboarding questionnaire and adding your bank details and Tax percentage.
  6. Choose a vehicle you use at work.

Click here for more specific instructions.

If you already have your own existing Business ID, after you have registered to the service, please contact our customer service (couriers@ukko.fi) – we will help you set things up!

Suomi.fi authorization: What is this and why it is so important?

When signing up for UKKO Light Entrepreneurship with your own business ID, Suomi.fi authorization is a very important permission you need to give us. This permission lets UKKO.fi act as your accountant towards the tax administration. We will need these permissions to handle the bureaucracies, like filing VAT’s and yearly tax returns on your behalf. We need this immediately after you have registered, so we are able to start operating on your behalf.

After you have registered with UKKO Light Entrepreneurship with Business ID, we will send you a notification asking you to log on to the Suomi.fi website with a strong identification (eg. your bank credentials). In the Suomi.fi -service you will find a permission request from “UKKO Yrittäjyyspalvelut Oy”. You need to accept our permission request so we can finalize setting up the service.

How do I accept the Suomi.fi authorization request?

Please click the link below to read the step-by-step procedure for accepting our request in Suomi.fi -service.

Step-by-step procedure of accepting the Suomi.fi authorization request.

How do I inform Wolt that I am using Ukko as my bookkeeping company?

When you register your own business ID with UKKO Light entrepreneurship with your own business ID, we will contact Wolt and inform them about your business ID. Wolt will then contact you to confirm your agreement with them and agree with you about the actual invoicing start date with UKKO.

What are the UKKO service fees for using the Light entrepreneurship with business id -service?

Service fee for courier/rider work is 3.79 % of your invoiced amount. This is all inclusive and there are no additional or hidden charges. This includes for example automatic invoicing to food delivery companies, first class customer service and support, our training materials, and UKKO Assurance which means you are insured in your work.

If you create an invoice manually to another customer (other than Wolt) using our service, our standard fee will apply to these invoices. Our standard fee is 5 % service + 3 % UKKO Assurance fee and is calculated from the invoiced amount excluding VAT.

How do I create an invoice for courier work?

If you are working as a courier partner with Wolt or Foodora, we will receive your earnings data directly from them and automatically create an invoice for you in our service. You don’t need to do anything towards us.

Vehicle and travel costs – you must keep a driving log!

Costs related to your vehicle and work related travelling is one of the most important areas of documenting your business. You can only deduct your travel costs if you maintain an accurate driving log according to the tax authorities demands. As travel costs are a very significant part of your expenses you will save thousands of euros by making driving log a part of your daily or even hourly routine. It might seem like a lot of work, but you absolutely need to do this to avoid back taxes and troubles with your taxation!

For every single business related drive you need to record the following information:

  1. Start and end time of the trip.
  2. Start location, end location and, if necessary, the route driven.
  3. Kilometres driven.
  4. Purpose of the trip.
  5. Odometer reading at the start and end of the tip.
  6. The driver of the car.
  7. Total kilometres driven in the car during the year.

For more information, please read the Tax Administrations vehicle expense instructions here.

The format for the driving log is optional, you can keep it in a manual notebook, excel or any other format. To make things a bit easier we strongly recommend you use an application such as Drivers Note for tracking your drives.

Deducting car/travel expenses in your bookkeeping

Depending on your situation you can either claim all the expenses related to your car (or other vehicle) or claim tax free kilometer allowances.

If you estimate you use your car over 50 % for business related drives, you need to add the car to your bookkeeping and deduct all car related costs by adding all car related receipts (eg. Gas, maintenance, washes) in our service.

If you estimate you use your car under 50 % for business drives, you can not add the car or any car related receipts to your bookkeeping. Instead, based on your driving log, you need to claim kilometer allowances (0,53 € / km in 2023) in your yearly tax return.

We will send you a tax filing questionnaire after the year has ended and ask you to provide all business drive kilometers for the whole year. Based on this, we will do the kilometer allowance deductions for you on your tax return.

In order to avoid back taxes and troubles with your taxation it is extremely important you document your travelling exactly according to the instructions of the tax authorities. You need to store these documents yourself for 6 years, in case the tax administration asks for them.

This means you need to keep a very close track and have specific documentation of all personal and business drives you do with the car.

Changing your bookkeeping service

As you are working with you own business ID, changing your bookkeeping service is not as straightforward as it is when you are invoicing without your own business ID. If you want to change your bookkeeping service provider, you need to:

  1. Submit a notice of termination from your UKKO account in the settings tab. State the date of service termination and the reason for termination. You will receive a confirmation when your termination has been processed. Please note that we will stop doing your VAT filings once you have terminated the contract with us.
  2. The resignation period is about one month, after which we will send you an email with a link to download your bookkeeping materials.
  3. We will also return the VAT, withheld taxes and any outstanding balance to your bank account.
  4. You need to take this material to your new bookkeeping service so they are able to take over your bookkeeping.

Important: When you have your own business ID, you need to be sure your VAT filings and tax returns are done, even when you have no invoicing (UKKO.fi will do this for you, if you have an active account with us). If you terminate your service agreement with us, you need to do these filings yourself or find another bookkeeping service to do this for you.

If you stop working as an entrepreneur with your own business ID altogether, you need to make sure you terminate your Business ID in the government records. Terminating your bookkeeping agreement with UKKO doesn’t mean your business ID will be terminated.

Termination of your business ID

If your private trader activity ceases completely and you do not intend to continue it later, please follow these steps to completely terminate your Business ID:

  1. Use this online link to terminate Light Entrepreneurship with business id operations.More information here
  2. Submit a notice of termination from your UKKO account in the settings tab. State the date of service termination and the reason for termination. You will receive a confirmation when your termination has been processed.
  3. We will return the withheld tax prepayments to your bank account.
  4. We process the latest VAT declaration according to the month of termination and pay the VAT to the Tax Office.
  5. We will send the materials of your bookkeeping to your email when your bookkeeping is finalized. We will also pay the final balance and VAT on purchases to your account.
  6. The business tax return should be done the following spring after the termination of Business ID. Prepare a tax return and a possible VAT return in MyTax.
  7. Keep your accounting materials for 10 years and receipts for 6 years.

See here for the Tax Office’s checklist for terminating a Business ID.

Appointing a partner/ substitute

As the main account holder, you can work with an approved partner (substitute).

  1. Open a Light entrepreneur with business Id
  2. Choose the correct industry: “Food Courier”> “Wolt” / “Foodora” or both.
  3. Login to suomi.fi website and accept authorisation request from UKKO Yrittäjyyspalvelut Oy.

Please allow your previous invoicing company to process your current delivery period’s invoice to enable smooth change of invoicing service.

To be part of automated invoicing, you need to take a few steps towards Wolt and/or Foodora:

WOLT: UKKO.fi will inform Wolt that you will henceforth be invoicing through UKKO.fi. Wolt will then send you a service agreement which you need to accept. After this UKKO.fi will get your invoicing data and create your invoice automatically two times per month.

FOODORA: You need to inform Foodora that you will be using UKKO.fi, and they will include you in the consolidated invoice data. We will then create your invoice automatically once per month


  1. Next step- ask approved substitute to also create an account with fi– either Light entrepreneurship or Light entrepreneurship with business ID.
  2. Ask the substitute to make sure they Choose the correct industry: “Food Courier” > “Wolt” / “Foodora” so that they get the 3.79% service fee discount.
  3. The earnings from the food delivery company will first come into main courier partners UKKO business ID Service fees (3.79%) will be charged. (Calculation of your taxation as a business is done at the end of the year).
  4. Wait for the food delivery company to pay you. This typically takes around 14 days (about 2 weeks) for your invoice to get paid.
  5. Withdraw the money into your bank account or wait for the money to automatically go to your bank if you chose that option on the withdrawal settings.
  6. The link to guidance on creating and withdrawing money in your Ukko business ID account is here Creating and withdrawing money
  7. Then ask your substitute to send you an invoice. The amount depends on your sharing percentage agreement. The link to guidance on how to create an invoice is here: Creating and Sending an Invoice
  8. Your substitute will be taxed according to their individual / business tax percentage as the salary recipient. A Service fee of 3,79% is charged for the invoice the substitute sends you if they invoice you through fi. Other mandatory deductions are also made from the substitute for example Health insurance.

NOTE: It is important that there will be a record of earnings coming into your business ID account on your business income statement.Remember taxation calculation in business is done at the end of the financial year. The calculation is done on the net income of the business. The substitute is your business expense.

Appointing a partner/substitute when substitute uses other invoicing service than UKKO.fi

If you appoint a substitute who is using another invoicing service:

  • Payment from Wolt / Foodora comes first to your (Main Account Holder) bank account.
  • All deductions are made from your UKKO.fi account – VAT, service fees and the business tax.
  • Then ask the substitute to create and send you an invoice from their service.
  • All deductions are made from the substitutes side- VAT, personal taxes, service fees and other deductions.

Advance Payment

What is Advance Payment?

  • It is a service that pays your Wolt / Foodora invoice in 1 or 2 working days!
  • This service is FREE at UKKO.fi. (Other invoicing services charge you 5%)

How does Advance Payment work?

  • You should operate a business ID account.
  • Ukko.fi creates and sends group invoice* to Wolt / Foodora.
  • Wolt/ Foodora confirms the invoices.
  • Ukko.fi pays your earnings to your bank account on the same day!
  • Depending on bank delays, it may take 1-2 days for the money to reflect in your bank account.

* Your invoice must be in the group invoicing for that payment period.

UKKO Assurance

What is UKKO Assurance?

  • UKKO Assurance is now also available to UKKO Light Entrepreneurship with a business ID.
  • In addition to accident and liability insurance, UKKO Assurance includes several different benefits that our customers can take advantage of.
  • All the benefits of UKKO Assurance can be found in the UKKO Assurance section of the service when you log in to your account.
  • We want to make the lives of entrepreneurs easier by providing additional security and a variety of benefits for entrepreneurs.

UKKO Assurance includes

  • Insurance: accident insurance, liability insurance (includes, among other things, legal expenses insurance and consultancy insurance)
  • Free-of-charge uncontested legal collection
  • Contract model library
  • Proxies and documents
  • Negotiated benefits (value-for-money discounts, e.g. rental cars, business premises, work clothes, accommodation, training materials, banking services, health and welfare services and wholesale purchases)

Additional security

Please note that in certain industries there are statutory requirements for insurance that entrepreneurs working in the industry must obtain. Some industries are also excluded from ordinary insurance due to their nature of the work. Please review the requirements for your industry and the insurance coverage. If necessary, you can obtain the necessary insurance and additional security, for example, by contacting If.fi’s customer service.

How can I get UKKO Assurance?

UKKO Assurance is a part of our service automatically.

How much does UKKO Assurance cost?

UKKO Assurance normally costs 3% of your invoicing. For Courier Partners, UKKO Assurance is included in the 3.79% service fee.

Fast Payment (Salamapalkka)

What is Fast Payment service?

With a Fast Payment you can get your salary fast, without the effects of bank delay.

Normally, it will take one bank day before you can see your salary on your bank account.

With fast payment you can beat the delay and receive your salary to your account in only about 15 minutes!

How do I get fast payment?

Login to your own UKKO account.

Click the “Pay salary” button in the “Salaries” tab.

Choose the salaries you want to pay yourself.

Choose the fast payment to get your salary immediately.

Check the salary summary.

Click salary to payment.

Please note!
For salary payment, we need your tax card and account number. So please check that your tax rate is shown on your UKKO account. The payer of the fast salary is shown as Trustly and not UKKO Yrittäjyyspalvelut Oy, as is the salary paid by normal bank transfer. Please note that the payment of the invoice must be visible on UKKO.fi before we can pay your salary as a fast payment.

UKKO Accident Insurance and UKKO Liability Insurance: Examples of Damage for Food Couriers

UKKO – Accident Insurance

  • The accident insurance covers accidents that occur while working through the UKKO.fi service. It does not cover commutes or occupational diseases.
  • Typical covered accidents include tripping incidents in stairwells or restaurants while picking up food.
  • The insurance does not cover incidents for which compensation is available under other laws, such as the traffic insurance law.

UKKO – Accident Insurance Details

  • Most traffic accidents fall under the traffic insurance legislation.
    The traffic insurance law will be updated starting from 1.6.2024.
  • In the future, electric scooters and other unregistered electric vehicles that travel over 25 km/h or weigh more than 25 kg must be insured with statutory traffic insurance.
  • Companies and entrepreneurs renting out electric scooters must insure all rentable scooters with traffic insurance.
  • More information on the law change:
    • New traffic insurance law effective from 1.6.2024 (lvk.fi)
    • Test if your vehicle needs traffic insurance (lvk.fi)

Examples of Typical Accidents Covered by UKKO Accident Insurance

1. A food courier arrives at the destination and trips while climbing the stairs, injuring themselves.
– The accident is covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.
2. A food courier arrives at a restaurant to pick up an order, trips on a doormat, falls, and injures their knee.
– The accident is covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.

Examples of Typical Damages Covered by UKKO Liability Insurance

1. A food courier arrives at the destination and rushes up the stairs, accidentally knocking down another person, causing injury.
– The damage caused is covered by UKKO Liability Insurance.
2. A food courier arrives at a restaurant to pick up an order and places the food on top of an aquarium in the lobby with too much force, breaking the glass and contaminating the aquarium. The repair and cleaning costs are substantial.
– The damage is covered by UKKO Liability Insurance.

Examples of Traffic Accidents Not Covered by UKKO Accident Insurance

1. A food courier is transporting a meal by bicycle, on foot, by car, electric scooter, electric scooter, or other electric vehicle. A car crashes into them, causing injury.
– The car at fault is responsible, and the courier will receive compensation from the car’s traffic insurance for medical expenses, temporary harm, lost wages due to disability, rehabilitation costs, permanent harm, and potential permanent disability.
– The accident is not covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.
2. A food courier is transporting a meal with a traffic-insured vehicle (car, own electric scooter, own electric scooter, or other personal electric vehicle) and causes a traffic accident.
– The vehicle’s traffic insurance will cover the costs of personal injury (medical expenses, temporary harm, lost wages due to disability, rehabilitation costs, permanent harm, and potential permanent disability).
– The accident is not covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.
3. A food courier is transporting a meal with a rented traffic-insured electric scooter and causes a traffic accident.
– The traffic insurance will cover the medical expenses for personal injury for the rented electric scooter driver.
– The accident is not covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.

Example of a Traffic Accident Covered by UKKO Accident Insurance

1. A food courier is traveling by bicycle, on foot, or with a non-traffic-insured electric scooter, electric scooter, or other electric vehicle and is involved in an accident with a cyclist, pedestrian, or another non-traffic-insured vehicle.
– The accident is covered by UKKO Accident Insurance.


UKKO.fi Lounge now open!

Wait what? Yes, a lounge for Couriers in the heart of Helsinki.

  • All couriers are welcome! No need to be UKKO.fi customer.
  • Take a break, clean your bag, have a chat with other couriers, recharge your mobilephone and enjoy cup of hot coffee.
  • Location: Fredrikinkatu 48, next to Wolt Market
  • Opening hours: 10am – 4pm, Mon-Fri (Closed on Public Holidays and Weekends)