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5% see other charges below

of Earnings

  • Among salary payment, a service fee of 5 % will be charged from the invoiced amount, not including value-added tax.
  • Among salary payment also an additional cost of 2,9 %, social security fee 1,34 % and a withholding tax according to your own tax card, will be charged.
Check our Salary Calculator pricing – All this with the service fee:

Sending Invoices and Payment Follow-up

  • Sending invoices
    • Finvoice (e-invoice)
    • Mail
    • Email
  • Following up payments with automatic reminders
  • Debt collection

Salary Calculation

  • Calculation of expense deduction
  • Calculation of travel expense deduction


Mandatory Payments

  • Necessary payments to the Tax Administration
    • Social security fee
    • VAT payments
  • Service agreement

If you wish, we’ll take care of YEL-insurance on your behalf without charge!

Wide arrange of additional services helping light entrepreneur’s everyday

As your Light Entrepreneurship partner, we wish to be there for you along the entire journey. Therefore, we offer services on a comprehensive scale to those light entrepreneur’s who invoice through our service. With services, you get a highly competitive package of knowledge and skill sets to help you with your work. All services listed below are included in the section you’ll find from your salary certificate as “additional costs”. Find all additional services from your own control panel!

  • Light Entrepreneur’s Model Contract Library

    As a light entrepreneur, you yourself oversee that all your contracts are up-to-date. This doesn’t, however, mean that you wouldn’t occasionally appreciate some help as well. Light entrepreneur’s Model Contract Library offers you a solid set of model contracts for different types of situations – all for you to use freely.

  • Light Entrepreneur’s Sales School

    A big part of light entrepreneur’s work is knowing how to sell. In the sales school, a top salesman will help you concept and sell your own services like a pro. Unfortunately, sales school is only available in Finnish.

  • Light Entrepreneur’s Marketing School

    Learn how to become a true marketing guru with one of the founders, Olli Kopakkala. Olli has worked with digital marketing for over 15 years – now he shares all his tested tips and tricks to all light entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, marketing school is only available in Finnish.

  • Free Judicial Recovery of Uncontested Debt in Finland

    If a customer doesn’t pay your invoice, may judicial recovery become relevant. Judicial recovery of uncontested debt will no longer bring our invoicing customers any additional costs, as we will cover them.

How Much Salary Will I Get?

With the salary calculator, you can easily see how the salary of a light entrepreneur is divided. The salary calculator will also help you in pricing your services.

Find out how much you should invoice in order to get a certain gross or net salary!



No Fixed Costs!

The pricing of is simple. You only pay, when you invoice. We do not charge any costs for sending invoices or handling your expenses.

Registering and creating invoices is completely free and does not obligate you to anything.

Read more about being self-employed.


Light Entrepreneurs’ Side costs

  • Value added tax, usually 24 % – more information.
  • service fee includes liability – and accident insurance. We handle all the invoicing related bureaucracy for the 5 % + VAT service fee.
  • Additional Costs 2,9 % makes it possible for you to use the wide arrange of sought services that help you grow your business.
  • Social security fee 1,34 %
  • Withholding tax based on your tax card.
  • YEL insurance – more information.