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Affordable accounting for a private trader

UKKO Entrepreneur has everything you need for financial management. Versatile and flexible accounting for a private trader always available.

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From invoicing to tax returns – all at an affordable monthly price

Easy financial management

All the necessary tools in one place, from invoicing to accounting.

You know what you’re paying for

With a fixed monthly price, you get everything you need. No additional fees or hidden costs!

Customer service is there for you

Our customer service will help you in all matters, both by phone and e-mail.

Know what you’re paying for – clear monthly pricing

The affordable monthly price includes accounting, invoicing, official notifications, and other handy features that facilitate invoicing, adding receipts and monitoring your finances for a private trader.

Private trader pricing

Private trader pricing

Starting entrepreneur: you only pay for the service when you receive the first payment from your client

We want our pricing to support small entrepreneurs starting out. As a new entrepreneur, you can use our service for free for up to six months. You don’t have to pay anything unless you invoice your customers or generate revenue during that period. We want to encourage entrepreneurs and have therefore made the initial steps as easy as possible for entrepreneurs.

An affordable fixed-term contract for those who invoice a lot – save 228 euros

Our pricing is based on accumulated turnover. When the company’s lifetime turnover reaches the 50 000 euro limit, you save 228 euros by using a 12-month fixed-term contract, in which case you pay only 69 euros + VAT/month for using the service. You can use the fixed-term contract easily from the service settings section.



UKKO Assurance – so that no entrepreneur is left relying on their own luck


UKKO Assurance is a comprehensive insurance for entrepreneurs. It helps in many situations, such as agreeing on valid assignments or accidents or damages that occur at work.

  • Insurances: accident and liability insurance
  • Agreement template library
  • Power of attorney’s and documents
  • Sales school and marketing school
  • Other benefits, e.g., car rental companies and offices

UKKO Assurance is available to all registered users. Assurance is activated from the UKKO Assurance tab within the service.

Now UKKO Entrepreneur service has an app for private traders

The application enables even easier and faster accounting for small entrepreneurs. You will find in the application all the same features as on the website, so you can streamline your everyday life by using the mobile application wherever and whenever it suits you!

Download the accounting and financial management tool in your pocket from the app store!

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If you are a new private trader:

  • The service is free for everyone for the first 30 days.
  • The service becomes paid when you receive your first payment from a customer, your turnover exceeds 1 €, or you have been a user for 6 months (180 days).
  • Starting the service and establishing a business name for a private trader are free.

Examples of pricing:

  1. If you invoice as a new entrepreneur, for example, 700 € in the first month, your service fee for the first month is 0 € because there is a 30-day free trial period. After this, the service fee is automatically 22 € + VAT per month.
  2. If your invoicing reaches 3000 €, your service fee will automatically upgrade to the next tier (44 € + VAT per month) and will increase gradually based on your accumulated turnover.
  3. You can opt for an annual fixed-term contract at any time. In this case, regardless of your turnover, you will pay 69 € + VAT per month. The fixed-term contract period is 360 days, and invoicing is done every 30 days.

If you already have a business ID:

  • The service is free for everyone for the first 30 days.
  • If you switch your accounting solution from another provider to us, you can start using the service when the notice period of your previous provider ends.
  • We handle the change of the accounting agency for you from termination to initial balance entries.

Examples of pricing:

  1. If your turnover is 6000 € right from the start of your business, you will pay 44 € + VAT per month for the service after the 30-day trial period.
  2. When your turnover reaches the 10000 € threshold, the monthly fee will automatically increase to 66 € + VAT.
  3. If your turnover exceeds 50000 €, you have reached the maximum price for the UKKO Entrepreneur for private traders, and after that, the service costs 88 € + VAT per month.
  4. You can opt for an annual fixed-term contract at any time. In this case, regardless of your turnover, you will pay 69 € + VAT per month. The fixed-term contract period is 360 days, and invoicing is done every 30 days.

No matter what you need, we will help with that.

We are happy to serve our customers’ other needs flexibly. That’s why we have priced any additional services you may need in advance.

You get all the features you need

Business ID right away

Single-entry bookkeeping

VAT and tax returns done for you

Unlimited invoicing – via email, mail, or online invoices

Electronic storage and preservation of receipts

Profit and loss statement for your private trader

Direct integration of Zettle sales reports into the service

Application for VAT relief

Real-time analytics of your business’s financial situation

Free customer support

Customer and product registry

Driving log


Do you have any questions?

Could I be a private trader? How do I start? See answers to frequently asked questions. If for some reason your question cannot be answered. Please contact our customer service!

Contact us

Jimi Forsman

Jimi Forsman

Sales Representative
+358 50 434 7273

Miro Tiala

Miro Tiala

Sales Representative
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Focus on your business. We take care of paperwork and accounting.

You can easily and quickly create and send invoices with the same service. You’ll also receive all your invoices in one place, so all you need to do is add receipts conveniently as images. Our experts and accounting professionals ensure that everything is done correctly. Private trader accounting has never been this easy.

We use modern techniques such as machine learning and automation, but ultimately, an expert checks that your accounting is done correctly. You can always get assistance from our skilled experts for accounting and financial management, and the advice is always completely free.


Income tax return and VAT threshold relief application taken care of on your behalf.

You don’t have to worry about VAT and tax returns because we handle them on your behalf with the tax authorities. We also apply for the VAT threshold relief for you when your turnover is below 30,000 euros – as an independent entrepreneur, you’ll get a clear refund from the tax authorities when your operations are small-scale!

We want to make entrepreneurship as easy as possible for our customers. You don’t need to be an expert in financial management or tax matters because we are. You can confidently leave the accounting and government reporting to us and focus on what you’re good at and enjoy doing.

The less time you spend on bookkeeping and paperwork, the more you can concentrate on growing your business!

1. Send an invoice2. Save your receipts3. We take care of accounting and paperwork

This is how easy private trader accounting is with UKKO Entrepreneur service!
Start private trader entrepreneurship today!