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UKKO Business Account – Easy way to open a business account and get a debit-card linked to it

We now offer everything for an entrepreneur’s needs, from a UKKO Business Account to a debit card, accounting and, of course, invoicing.


Account and card 15 €/mo +vat!
No opening fees!
Fast and easy!

We want to help entrepreneurs in every way we can, so now we offer a business account for your income and expenses through us in affordable way.

Get UKKO Business Account now and get first 2 months free!
(Regular price €15/month + VAT)

There will be no surprises here – other than how easy and fast it is.

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Now UKKO.fi offers literally everything you need to start a business!

The establishment of the company

Setting up a company is easy, you just fill in the necessary information in our service.

Free business ID for business names

Free ID for business names, otherwise free for limited companies, but the official fee electronically is €240.

UKKO Business Account where income and expenses can be easily managed

With UKKO Business Account, you can view all account transactions of your business directly in your service.

A debit-card connected to a company account through UKKO.fi

You can choose whether you want a physical and/or virtual debit card connected to your UKKO Business Account.

Unlimited invoicing and customer register

In the UKKO Yrittäjä service, you can make unlimited invoices and you can easily keep your customers’ information in the register.

Accounting, VAT declarations and advice

We also take care of bookkeeping, VAT declarations for you and, if necessary, advise you on the path forward as an entrepreneur.

Why to open a UKKO Business Account?

  • Get the account working even on the same day
    No more waiting to open an account. You can open your business account even on the same day (maximum 72 hours)!
  • Fixed price 15€/month
    Say goodbye to hidden costs and transaction fees. Our pricing is clear and affordable for everyone.
  • No opening fees, no transaction fees
    Everything related to the business account only €15/month. Enjoy cost savings without extra fees for events.
  • Easily target account transactions
    When the UKKO Company Account is connected, it is easy to target transactions and you stay on the map.
  • Real-time financial data
    You stay up-to-date with real-time financial data that gives you the opportunity to develop your business.
  • Focus on growth
    Spend less time filling out paperwork (tax return, etc.) and more time growing your business.

Why is opening an account so fast?


Collaboration with the groundbreaking Swan

UKKO.fi is a partner of the Swan.io financial institution that offers payment services.

Swan.io is a completely new type of European financial institution, through which UKKO.fi’s customers can now take advantage of unprecedentedly easy solutions for opening a business account and applying for a card connected to the account.

Swan.io is approved by the ACPR (Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution), which supervises the activities of regulated financial institutions. ACPR operates under the French central bank.

As with all accounts of domestic operators, the EU’s Deposit Guarantee Schemes Directive (DGSD) also applies to Swan’s corporate accounts, protecting funds deposited in the account up to €100,000.

Keep company finances separate from your personal ones


With the UKKO Business Account, income and expenses related to your business stay separate from your personal finances

Although as a business name entrepreneur you do not legally need a business account, it makes your everyday life much easier.

By acquiring a UKKO Business Account, you can better keep track of what income and what expenses your company has, because they don’t get mixed up with personal transactions.

Your accounting also remains in control when you can allocate account transactions to your accounting in the UKKO Yrittäjä service with a few clicks.