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Guide for self-employment in Finland

kansi guide for self-employment

Working in Finland – Things You Should Know

Just like in any other country, there are some obligatory steps that you should be aware of when starting work or self-employment in Finland. This guide aims to walk you through the basics of what you need to know in order to start working in Finland! We have included everything from making sure you have the correct visa, to get a bank account and tax number, signing-up with UKKO.fi, and most importantly finding clients.

Download free ebook and learn more about:

  • What is UKKO.fi and its services and how they work?
  • Finding work in Finland: social media and other methods
  • How to price your services and make contracts
  • What are these obligatory payments like VAT and withholding tax?

“The United States likes to advertise itself as the land of opportunity. And for many it may be. But Finland in comparison provides more opportunity. Not just for the young, but for the old and even the new.


I moved to Finland at the age of 30, I know it’s not that old, but I had a number of careers before coming here. In doing so I’ve been offered a lot of opportunities to ply new trades, learn new skills, meet new people and start a business or as many businesses as I want.”

Gregory Pellechi

Writer of the book