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Not all business ideas are taken. Start your Light-Entrepreneur career now!

In this article, we walk you through some of the business ideas or concepts we have seen light entrepreneurs succeed with. The best entrepreneurial ideas usually come from people who are either unemployed or work for someone and they believe they can do better. So, with the right concept, idea, and entrepreneurial mindset, it is possible to start your own business.

Everyone is talented at something. is the leading invoice service for freelancers and self-employed professionals in Finland. Whatever talent or entrepreneur idea you might have, you can invoice your services through whether you be an established entrepreneur or new in the game. We help freelancers from many different occupational backgrounds with very different business ideas from day one. And, many do not even have an education, but they have a great business idea.

No company ID is needed to go on with your business idea!

Because with light entrepreneurship at, you can combine the best of being employed with entrepreneurship. And you do not have to open up your own business to try out your business idea. We will take care of all the paperwork and bureaucracy for you for a small service fee and you will use our business ID to invoice. We pay taxes, insurance, YEL-pension fees, etc. So, you can entirely focus on your business idea and getting customers, we will take care of the rest.

How Does Light Entrepreneurship Work?

In practice, using means three simple steps:

  • You do the work
  • The work is invoiced online through
  • Your clients and customers pay the invoices and you’ll receive the payment to your own bank account as salary – just like a paycheck!

Register now because registration is free and there are no obligations! You can come and go as you wish. As a light-entrepreneur, you have no running costs. Scroll down and join 85 000 other light entrepreneurs at who convert their business ideas from dream to reality! cartoon surrounded by questionmarks wondering which business idea to choose

Business ideas on plenty of practical jobs in Finland.

Entrepreneur with different tools in several hands

Are you handy? Why not start a business as a handyman? Other similar business ideas:
  • Home repair
  • Home decorating
  • House painter
  • Home Cleaning Service or Entrance Cleaning (contact business owners)
  • Lawn care specialist
  • All in one- monthly house service
  • Window cleaner
  • Snow clearing (several clients on a call or daily basis against a fee)
  • Caretaker
  • Car washing- light overhaul check







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Business ideas taking care of people´s loved ones.

Taking care of peoples’ loved ones, be it, family, children, or animals are noble business ideas.

Here are a few business ideas as a light entrepreneur.
Dog walker or any type of pet-sitter
Homework- helper
Tutor (math, language, training, etc.)
Childcare service (picking up from daycare, fix dinner, etc.)
Visit elderly (bring food, take a walk and clean) as a part-time job

A woman walking a dog as her business idea

Taking care of peoples´loved ones.

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Business ideas around taking care of people´s health.

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Gym class Instructor

Personal Trainer

Yoga teacher

Dance Instructor

Music and dance groups for children

Bodybuilder Instructor

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Entrepreneur in Finland


Invoice with It´s easy.

Why use when you have a business idea?

Your life as an entrepreneur will be considerably easier. This is because you can focus on the work and the clients you want. supports you at all times when it comes to paperwork and bureaucracy.
Many people have a second job to receive a better income or wish to try out a new exciting career.
Starting as a light entrepreneur is a great way to see whether it’s really the thing that you want. You may end up loving this new job so much that you’ll leave your old one and focus on the new one.
It can also be a way to do small things and earn just a little bit of extra money.
Trying Light entrepreneurship is also a risk-free way to see if your business could be profitable. You don’t need capital, you just start working.
You will save time – your greatest asset as an entrepreneur besides your business idea. 
invoicing online is easy and quick
  • Free registration and no obligations – come and go as you wish
  • There will be no running costs
  • No bureaucracy or paperwork with taxes, YEL- pensions or insurances.
  • And finally, you can choose your own work and set your own prices
UKKO´s customer service is s always ready to help you – do not hesitate to call or send an email!

What if entrepreneurship in Finland was easy?

Compare options:


Entrepreneur with business idea

 Light Entrepreneur with business idea

Business IDYou must apply for Business ID from PRH and wait for it to be accepted.No business ID needed, you can start right away!
InsurancesAgree on insurances with insurance companies takes care of accident and liability insurances
AccountingYou must take care of accounting yourself or make a contract with an accounting company.No paperwork or accounting, we take care of bureaucracy.
InvoicingYou may need invoicing software.Use our simple form to create invoices. Choose delivery by email, mail or Finvoice.
Fixed costsFixed costs from accounting and insurances even if you don’t have clients.No running costs. You only pay for your earning.
RemindersYou take care of sending reminders and debt collection if your client doesn’t pay.Automatic reminders. We also take care of debt collection if needed.
ObligationsYou need to execute a separate process to close down your business.No obligations– start and stop whenever you like.

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Perhaps you’re not the only one pondering on the same issue? Check out our FAQ – page for the most frequent questions. In there you can find answers, for example, the following:

If working in Finland is still new to you, go check out our new Freelance Guide for Immigrants. It will give all the basic know-how!


Madeleine Humaloja, Make-up artist & stylist

I started invoicing extra jobs with UKKO since I wanted to avoid the bureaucracy with starting my own company. With UKKO I could quickly and easy invoice online both my make-up jobs and summer jobs. UKKO customer service helps even sending invoices abroad. I recommend UKKO to all my friends that do extra gigs.

Gregory Pellechi, Writer & podcaster

There are at least four government agencies you’ll have to deal with as a freelancer. The most important will be Vero*, the tax agency. Don’t worry, is here to be your middle man. They are ensuring that all of your taxes are paid correctly, so you can work hassle-free.

Sofia Johansson, Substitute teacher and home work helper

With UKKO I can decide when I have time and want to take an extra job besides my studies. I do not need to be employed by an agency. I set the prices and send a bill online. It is nice that UKKO  takes care of all paperwork with paying the taxes and insurances. I recommend UKKO to everyone that wants to be seen as a professional when earning extra income.

Marjo Ala-Pöntiö, Housekeeper

I work as a light entrepreneur and housekeeper for families.  I clean, do laundry, cook, take care of children and run errands.  Acquaintances wanted to buy my services. So I started as a light entrepreneur because  I wasn’t quite ready to start my own business yet and, invoicing through was an easy and quick way to start working.

Sini Juutilainen, Photographer

“I started invoicing my freelance work without basically any previous knowledge of the process. And turned to UKKO based on recommendations. Although I stumbled a bit in the beginning, the customer service helped me a great deal and in the end, the system appeared to be quite simple to use. Also, my clients have been happy with the service! I can recommend it.

Alejandro, Photographer

"Being a freelancer is a norm when you’re a photographer. After having a trade name, I discovered And then took the chance to start trying to get photography gigs again. I started growing from there.