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Welcome to Finland’s most popular light entrepreneurship service

Great, you’re already one step away from light entrepreneurship!
As a light entrepreneur, you can invoice for the work you do without establishing your own company.
As a Nordea customer, you will receive a 20% discount on the service fee when you use your Nordea account when registering.
You can explore and join the service free of charge. You only pay when you have something so invoice.






5+6 tools for a light entrepreneur – are you using these?

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Pricing is not magic, but it is not easy either

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Who Is the Service for?

Apart from certain professions requiring a license, we accept all professions and fields of work.Read more

New to working in Finland!

Here is our guide if you want to know the basics of working in Finland. Download to learn more.


Need help?

Contact our customer service and they will help you with any questions you might have.

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How much money will I get paid?

Try out our salary calculator. And you will get an estimate on how much will your final salary be. This will help you plan your everyday life.