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Boost your sales with UKKO Entrepreneur and Zettle by PayPal

Get Zettle by PayPayl affordably

Zettle card readers for stores or web shops. Get Zettle Reader 2 affordably!

Zettle by PayPal Reader 2 for the price of 19€

The card reader makes business more convenient for both the customer and the entrepreneur. The customer doesn’t need to go withdraw cash when purchases can be easily paid with a card on the card reader. For a small business owner, Zettle is the best option for accepting card payments.

With the Zettle card reader, you can conveniently accept payments from all cards and receive the funds quickly in your account. The pricing is also transparent, and for a private trader, it’s clearly the most cost-effective option: you get the Zettle Reader starting at a price of 19 € + VAT, and you only pay a 1,95% fee to Zettle for the transactions. Using the card reader doesn’t bind you, and you can stop using it anytime.


Seamless card payments from Zettle to UKKO Entrepreneur’s private trader

When you use Zettle in conjunction with the UKKO Entrepreneur’s private trader, your sales are automatically logged into your accounting, eliminating the need to upload sales receipts separately to our service. This significantly streamlines your time. We recommend Zettle to all our customers.

The setup takes just a few minutes, and you can carry the device with you wherever you go. Take advantage of Zettle card reader to streamline the future acceptance and processing of payments quickly and effortlessly!

You can connect the card reader to our service with just a few clicks. Afterward, your sales will automatically be logged into your accounting system.


Why should you consider using Zettle?

  • Receive the money you’ve earned in 1-2 business days, up to 25% faster than with other card readers.
  • Zettle allows you to accept payments with all major credit cards, as well as cards like Edenred and ePassi. Contactless payments are also supported.
  • The device has power for a full day – up to 8 hours in continuous active use. If you charge your customers, for example, once an hour, the battery will last for practical use over several weeks.
  • If desired, your sales can be automatically integrated into our accounting service.
  • In the Zettle app, you can create a product registry for your items.
  • Zettle belongs to the safest card readers on the market.
  • The card reader is easy to use, requiring no special training.

Purchase the card reader from Zettle’s website

You will receive the Zettle card reader in a few days.