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Contract Template for Light Entrepreneurs!


Are you about to make a deal with a client but unsure on how to draw up a contract? We hear you! And we agree – making a contract is challenging and takes up a lot of your valuable time.

That is why we have now made a contract template, which you can use as a basis for your future deals. The template is designed to be easily adapted and shaped to fit many fields of work. You can download your own copy for free and make the changes you wish.

Even though we’ve created this free and convenient contract template for our light entrepreneurs, is not a party in the contract. You can find and download our Contract Template from the documents-section at the bottom of your own control panel.

Why is it important to make a contract?

For many entrepreneurs, light entrepreneurs and freelancers, the answer to this question becomes clear only after they’ve already encountered the first difficult situation or a simple misunderstanding gone wild. Although experience is said to be the best teacher, not everything needs to be learned first hand.

Of course, making a written contract is not obligatory and work can also be agreed verbally. The truth is, however, that making only verbal agreements cannot be recommended. That is why we hope this template will, both encourage as well as help you to make written contracts.

Don’t forget to include pricing

Deciding what your price includes – or does not include – is perhaps the most important thing in every contract you make. The process might be easier to start from the latter, by separating the things that are not included in your price. By agreeing the price and content of your work in written form and beforehand, you can avoid unnecessary and time-consuming changes and focus on the work itself.

When planning the pricing of your service, think about these things and whether they’re something to include or exclude:

  • Travel expenses
  • Material costs,
  • VAT,
  • Changes or developments.

For creative talents, agreeing whether the client can use your work without the mention of your name, is also an important point to consider.

You might also face a situation, where your client wants to cancel the deal you’ve made. Is there a time limit within which the client can do this without a charge? Should there be a retainer?

Another part of pricing is determining the payment terms, in other words, when can you invoice and how far along will you set the due date? Normally, billing is done after the work is completed, however, in larger projects the total amount could be divided into smaller invoices.

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