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We have now opened a job portal for companies. Only registered UKKO.fi-users can join to provide their services as light entrepeneurs. Click here to join!

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  • In English Over 6 000 employees can now get their salary in bitcoins

    In a response to growing demand from its users, finnish umbrella company UKKO.fi has added bitcoin as a new payment option. In co-operation with Bittiraha.fi, it is now possible to get paid in bitcoins. “Having received a great deal of inquiries concerning a possibility of bitcoin payments from our users, we decided to make it an option. The first users…

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  • In English Telling A Company’s Story

    Customers have their own idea of themselves and their business, but what of that is worth sharing? What are the most important aspects of your customer? What kind of image do you want to share? These are typical questions you should ask yourself when considering copy or sales leads. Turn Characteristics To Your Benefit In customer acquisition, you are competing…

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  • In English Get a 50% Discount from 24Rent

    Rent a car easily online and around the clock for the time you need it. You can find cars for moving, for weekend road trips and for your everyday needs. The service is perfect for light entrepeneurs as the pickup of the car is extremely easy. All cars are located in city centers and both, the pickup and the return is made…

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