Graeme followed his heart to Finland & started working as a Light Entrepreneur

Viikon kevytyrittäjä - soita skotti apuun Graeme

Who are you?

I have lived my first 46 years at Scotland and moved to Finland following my heart to be with the woman I love. I have been here now for around six months. I am settling in well and slowly getting to grips with the language and the culture. I like to work with my hands and have a wide selection of skills I can use.

I got this week my Finnish social security number, bank account and tax card sorted and I am now currently looking for work. I like to be my own boss and I like to meet people, so I am trying to get self-employed. I am an auto mechanic and “katsastusinsinööri” to trade and worked mainly as such, but I have done all sorts of renovations also.

I am looking for any handyman jobs that needs to be done, and I can to do them at 30 euros an hour (+alv) or with the other agreed price.

I am working through “Ukko-laskutuspalvelu” and I just had my “työturvallisuuskortti”.

What do you do for a living?

I can help you with:

CARS, MOTORBIKES, MOPEDS (anything with an engine)
Small repairs and maintenance work or just taking your car to katsastus (I am licensed to do MOTs at Britain, so I can fix the small things beforehand), or make it shiny and ready for sales or change the tires…
Paintwork, installation of kitchens, bathrooms, plumbing, tiling
Yardwork, garage clearances, storage clearances, snow shovelling, window cleaning… Or just taking care of your pets, while you’re at holiday.
I have moved things as a profession, so I can help you out with any “roudaus” you need (I do not have “liikennelupa”)

I am just getting my tools and equipment together, so if you have more sophisticated work, let’s talk and see if I have means to do that. But I have the basics together and been getting to know your shops (Motonet is my favourite) already.

Viikon kevytyrittäjä Graeme

How did you end up light entrepreneuer?

My partner said that this is the way to do it – she was not ready to do my admin and I do not know how!

How does your typical work day look like?

All my days have been different so far – renovations, mechanical work and now is the season for changing tires.

What is the best part of your job?

I really like to be my own boss!

How do you want to improve yourself?

Management and administration – they are still a bit new to me.

Any tips or greetings for other light entrepreneurs?

Just put your personality out there and use all networks you can in sales! Always keep your promises and communicate with the clients if there is anything you think they should know.

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