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gregory pellechi - light entrepreneurship 30.6.2017

Gregory Pellechi – Light Entrepreneurship Podcast

A year ago we published our new Freelance Guide for Immigrants. We wanted the guide to be as useful as possible, so we decided to turn to Gregory Pellechi, a light entrepeneur with personal experience of it all. Greg started working as a freelancer in Finland when he first moved here from the United States a few years ago. By now he has seen and learned the various sides of freelancing in Finland, both good and the bad. The guide has been well received, and especially the concrete tips about how to work in Finland and how to deal with all the necessary bureacracy, have gotten a lot of positive feedback.
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Get Better: Teach

The old joke goes, “If you can’t do, teach.” But teaching is as much a learning experience for you as it is your students.
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