What’s the Job Hunt Really Like These Days?

Job hunt

We all know the pain of summer job-hunting but the same wave also hits the job markets every fall.

The bigger the organization, the earlier the search for talents start. Therefore, to land the job of your dreams the hunt needs to start early.

The problems causing pain are the same for everyone: how do you stand out in the flood of applications? Which platform do you use for searching? What happens if you don’t get the dream job you’ve always wanted (or even the one you’ve always hated)?

Make Actual Use Out of Social Media

It all comes down to being present at the right place at the right time. That’s why making use of different social media tools is smart.

Try to think what the most important and interesting companies in your field are. Start following them on social media and take part in the discussion. It’s ok to want to keep some privacy in certain channels, but make sure your most relevant profiles are visible and up to date. With an informative LinkedIn -profile, for example, you keep your record showing even when you are not actively searching for new opportunities.

Job hunt

Feeling Stuck? Get Involved!

You might run into a few downhills while searching for your dream job. This is to be expected, but it should not hold you back. Instead, it should inspire you to work even harder to find new ways to get involved.


Yes, you’ve heard this one before. Even if the word gives you chills, try to keep in mind that it is important. There are a lot of happenings dedicated to job hunting and recruitment, so make sure you go to them. Make yourself available.

You might also find useful platforms from social media. Both, LinkedIn and Facebook have many groups dedicated to job hunting in different fields of work. If you can’t seem to find one that suits you the best, you’re probably not alone with the issue. How about starting your own?

Job hunt

Show Them What You Got

By now you should already have your CV all updated and in order. If not, then schedule some time for it already before starting the networking part. When you apply for a position online, you need to be able to do all the razzle dazzle in paper and that is when the standing out we talked about in the beginning becomes an issue. How do you do it?

The answer is simple: get visual

Make sure your CV is not only up to date by its content but also by its looks. It might not seem like a big thing at first but this is where you get the chance to reveal your personality.

Not Feeling the Applications? Employ yourself

Sometimes the dream job just won’t happen and that’s ok. This might even be a blessing in disguise, as they say. If you know you have the talent, there is no reason for you to wait around for the opportunities. In Finland there are many ways to become a self-employeed freelancer. 

Go ahead and change the perspective.

Many companies need temporary assistance or talent to help them get through busy times – offer your talent and make them your clients instead!

As a light entrepreneur, you have freedom to price and market yourself as you see fit. You don’t need your own business ID and you don’t need to worry about bureaucracy or paperwork, as this will all be taken care for you.

Are you currently in the search for your dream job or have you already found one? Perhaps you have more great tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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Saara Teirivaara

Saara Teirivaara

Saara produces words, images and pretty much anything else one might need in the world of marketing. This social media Picasso is especially fond of Instagram, all things visual, warm weather and white sneakers.

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  1. Iouri Belov says:

    Your “Freelancer Guide for Immigrants” make it seem that getting the right to KELA is very easy: you just register with them. But it is not true. I have lived in Finland for over 7 years and still do not have a KELA card. In Finland, I am a student and have not worked enough hours within four months or whatever they require.

    1. Saara Teirivaara says:

      Hi Iouri,

      thanks for your comment. Sorry to hear you haven’t found the info accurate based on your experience. In the guide it’s said that once you have 1) your residence permit 2) registered address and 3) bank account you can register with Kela. This is usually the case, however, many things such as being a student may affect this. In it is said: “All who are covered under the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme of Finland and all permanent residents of Finalnd are issued a personal health insurance card, the Kela card.”

      You can find more information here: .
      Hope you found the guide helpful otherwise!


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