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A growth ace forging his way to success with kindness while teaching the importance of embracing failure


In the world of modern business, entrepreneurship is a dynamic force that fuels innovation and change. Rémy Bertoli is a digital and growth consultant whose journey is a great example of determination, creativity, and dedication needed to succeed today. Since embarking on his entrepreneurial journey in 2016, Rémy has been committed to helping brands enhance their online presence and reputation. His role as a digital and growth consultant involves collaborating with a diverse range of clients, from SMEs and startups to freelancers, to develop marketing strategies, refine brand identities, and perfect growth methodologies.

The seeds of entrepreneurship were sown early in Remy’s life. From a young age, he had a desire to forge his own path, express his creativity, and make a positive impact. This inclination towards independence and helping others resonated deeply with him. His parents were entrepreneurs and owned a grocery store when Rémy wasn’t born yet and the tales about the days stuck with him and when asked what he wanted to be when he grows up, he always answered he wanted to be a pizza maker which is a perfect metaphor for entrepreneurship.

As a pizza maker, you’re creating pizza, you’re using your hands, and you can be very creative with it. The pizza can be anything as you can put any toppings on it. Make it a gourmet pizza, a typical Italian pizza or just use what you have in the fridge. I like the versatility and the creativity aspect and the fact that usually pizza is something that makes people happy. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza!

Sparks of digitalism, entrepreneurship and learning from failure

When working in a souvenir shop in Marseille, Rémy had an idea to build a website for the shop for added value for the shop as the tourists would find the goods easier. This was one of the first sparks in digitalism and creating something from scratch. Rémy had always felt the pull towards entrepreneurship, but his path wasn’t without its twists and turns. Originally pursuing a career in the medical field, challenges and setbacks provoked a shift in Remy’s direction. The experience taught him the importance of embracing failure as a catalyst for growth, a lesson that has become vital to his entrepreneurial journey.

The most rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for Rémy lies in the connections he forges and the positive impact he helps to create. Remy’s work isn’t solely focused on numbers and profits; it’s about collaborating closely with clients to realize their visions. However, entrepreneurship also presents its challenges, such as wearing multiple hats and supporting self-discipline. Finding a balance between work and personal life, managing unexpected problems, and developing a growth mindset are all important lessons on the entrepreneurial path. Beyond professional accomplishments, Rémy gets satisfaction from inspiring others within the international community in Finland. Through workshops, he empowers aspiring entrepreneurs and job seekers, proving that language barriers and challenges don’t need to dim their dreams.

As Rémy looks ahead, he is considering the possibility of establishing a limited company, but now working as a part-time entrepreneur, being a private trader is enough. He sees the future filled with growth, learning, and impact. Continuing the journey to empower others on their path with kindness and resilience, Rémy is an example of the spirit of modern entrepreneurship—a force that drives innovation, collaboration, and progress.

A year from now, Rémy envisioned himself deeply involved in community building. He aims to establish more connections among clients, potential clients, job seekers, and other expats who share an interest in the business and marketing fields. The goal is to develop a sustainable community thriving on interaction and engagement, possibly even hosting regular events. When discussing the motivation for being an entrepreneur, Rémy finds satisfaction in seeing the outcomes of collaboration and the impact it has on people’s lives. Whether it’s aiding a local chocolate producer in reaching a broader audience or optimizing processes for a major pharmaceutical company, Rémy wants to create positive change.

Leaving a mark of positivity, a sense of community and encouragement

As the gaze turns towards the future, Rémy dreams of establishing his own company that reflects his values and creates positive societal impact. He envisions a workplace where happiness, enthusiasm, and working together are pillars. A special emphasis lies on sustainable and climate-positive plans. Currently Rémy enjoys his role as a part-time entrepreneur within an agency, but in the future, the dream points towards owning a business.

We asked the dystopic question about entrepreneurship ending tomorrow and got Rémy thinking about a scenario where entrepreneurship strangely ends. In Remy’s case, the discussion revolves around a website launch aimed at facilitating co-working space access for entrepreneurs. The potential consequences of this unfinished work would have a negative impact on entrepreneurs who want to collaborate with others and network. When considering the legacy, he’d like to leave behind, Rémy emphasizes the importance of encouraging a growth mindset within his community and user-friendly tools that make content creation even easier. He wants to inspire a positive approach to challenges, embracing failures as opportunities for learning and progress.

Building towards a more accessible entrepreneurship in Finland

Shifting the focus to the entrepreneurial landscape in Finland, Rémy acknowledges both the advantages and challenges. He acknowledges that while entrepreneurship is encouraged and supported, it comes with its share of difficulties, especially for expats and non-Finnish speakers. The administrative side of establishing a business, such as navigating tax systems and paperwork, can be particularly complicated. In addressing the entrepreneurship’s difficulty in Finland, Rémy highlights the importance of support networks. He appreciates the existing community and services that help entrepreneurs navigate the Finnish business world. However, he suggests that increasing accessibility to resources and information, particularly in languages other than Finnish and Swedish, could alleviate some challenges faced by expats.

When thinking about the appreciation of entrepreneurs in Finland, Rémy believes that while entrepreneurs are valued within their community, there’s room for increased recognition and support. He proposes that increasing awareness about the multifaceted nature of entrepreneurship and its positive impact on the economy could contribute to a deeper appreciation. Strengthening collaboration between educational institutions, businesses, and the government could foster a culture of entrepreneurship. Rémy suggests that spreading information and education about entrepreneurship, even from a student level, could empower the next generation of innovators. This increased understanding and accessibility could pave the way for a thriving entrepreneurial environment in Finland.

If you need help with your personal brand, creating a stunning website, or consultancy and training in Marketing, Branding & Growth, you can reach out to Rémy at, and find him on LinkedIn sharing tips for fostering a growth mindset, data-driven decision-making, and executing rapid experiments while staying true to yourself. Also, you can find Rémy’s website here.

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